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Growing in Christ

The Great Adventure Series

The Great Adventure Series is about learning to read the Bible. Start with Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible for “the big picture” of the

Growing in Christ

Catholic Faith Exploration (CaFE)

This is a Catholic Faith Exploration (CaFE) resource. It is an inspiring practical series aimed at helping people of all ages to encounter the Holy

Growing in Christ


Symbolon is a video series produced by Augustine Institute that systematically presents the BIG picture of the Catholic Faith. This series contains two parts including

Growing in Christ


Formed is a digital platform that provides Catholic content from more than 60 organisations to help parishes, families and individuals explore their faith anywhere. Supporting

Growing in Christ


The ChristLife series is a three-step evangelisation process: Discovering Christ, Following Christ and Sharing Christ. Discovering Christ – invites guests to hear the Good News