Parish Resources

20 Ideas for your PARISH Facebook Posts

  1. Share an image and quote on Feast Days
  2. Promote upcoming Parish Events
  3. Advertise the times of your parish Prayer Groups
  4. Share a formation video from Ascension Presents
  5. Share a quote from your Parish priest on the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday
  6. Share some ‘behind the scenes’ pictures and stories from your pastoral staff
  7. Promote products in the parish shop
  8. Share photos/video from a recent parish event
  9. Post about recent Special Character events run by the Parish School
  10. Share a parishioners testimony
  11. Promote upcoming Diocesan Events
  12. Quote a bible verse
  13. Highlight and thank your volunteers
  14. Invite people to participate more in Parish life – tell them how they can get involved
  15. Share answers to basic questions of faith
  16. Share photos or facts from your archive
  17. Share great Catholic Apps Laudate or Magnificat
  18. Link to new content on the Parish Website
  19. Link to article from NZ Catholic
  20. Share your weekly parish newsletter