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Liturgy Commission – No. 35 – Liturgy of the Hours 

Liturgy Commission – No. 36 – Projectors & Screen during the celebration of the liturgy

Liturgy Commission – No. 37 – Prayer of the Faithful

Liturgy Commission – No. 38 – Singing the Word: A practical guide

Liturgy Commission – No. 39 – Visit those in need in the parish, taking Holy Communion to the Sick

liturgy of the word with children

What does the Church desire for her children?

To help children readily and joyfully to encounter Christ together in the Eucharistic celebration and to stand with him in the presence of the Father . . . Learning to proclaim Christ to others among their family and peers, by living the ‘faith that works through love.” Gal. 5:6

LWC is ritual, centred on the proclamation & breaking open of the Scriptures.

The children are invited to do what the rest of the community is doing . . . listen to the Scriptures proclaimed and apply to their lives.

To find a parish that offers this ministry, contact Marianne Daly,, 03 353 0758



sunday celebrations in the absence of a priest (scap)

The celebration of Mass has always marked the Church’s celebration of Sunday, the day of the Lord’s resurrection. It has been common for at least some to gather also on week- days to recall in the celebration of the Eucharist “the death of the Lord until he comes”.

If Mass cannot be celebrated, we the Faithful, still benefit from the presence of Christ when we gather as God’s people to be strengthened by the riches of the scriptures and the reception of Holy Communion.

The Sunday Celebration in the Absence of a Priest is to be celebrated as laid out in this document and cannot be adapted. If you have questions or issues that arise then please email