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Hoatu Fund

The Hoatu Fund is a fund of the Catholic Bishop of Christchurch, to assist with the material and spiritual needs of vulnerable women, children and families.

The following guidelines provide further information about what the fund can be used to support and how to make a request for funding.

Should you require further guidance around making a request for funding, please contact:

Hoatu Fund Guidelines February 2020

Marriage Forms

Dispensation Form – Editable

Dispensation Form – A3 Booklet, Non editable

Dispensation Form – Editable with fields

Prenuptial Inquiry Form – Editable with fields

Prenuptial Inquiry Form – A3 Booklet, Non editable

Prenuptial Inquiry Form – Editable

Prenuptial Inquiry Form – A3 Booklet, Editable

Copyright Guidelines

Rites Copyright information

Information Management

This section deals with parish information management procedures and provides advice and tools to assist administration staff. 

The following sections can be found below:

  • Sacramental Records this guide will provide those who work in parishes with an understanding of how to properly maintain and preserve Sacramental Records. An additional guide has been prepared for secondary schools who carry out sacramental programmes.
  • Privacy – this section provides resources, advice and links for parishes to embed good privacy practices and to ensure personal information is collected, used and shared in compliance with the Privacy Act 2020
  • Records Management – provides a link to the Parish Records Retention & Disposal Schedule