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Synod Discussion Phase November 2021

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Beginning October 2021, the synodal process will involve our diocese along with others around the world in a phase of listening that “will integrate the Synodal Process into the life of the local Church in creative ways that promote and deepen communion, fuller participation, and a more fruitful mission.”

This diocesan phase will allow parishes, dioceses, and episcopal conferences to live out our synodal journey together, and to infuse this process into the life of their communities. To do that effectively, frequent, open, and quality communication is essential.

Since listening is one of the two key pillars of the synodal process, effective social media creates new opportunities for the people of God to enter into our journey of discernment. Social media gives us a unique ability to provide to the world an example of what it means to be “a listening Church.” Effectively using social media itself can be an example of this synodal practice.

Please use the resources below to assist and inspire your work as we embark on our journey together through the synodal process. It is our sincere hope and prayer that these resources will help you kindle reflection and dialogue across all forms of social communication.

Social Media Posts

Follow this link to find the full synod communication toolkit