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Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) Faith Study Series

The CCO Faith Study Series has been designed in order to proclaim the Gospel, equip the faithful and commission them to become missionary disciples. These materials are used in a small group setting and allow for a relatable and dynamic proclamation of the Catholic Faith. The series has five levels:

  1. Discovery – invites participants to encounter Christ through a simple but challenging look at the Gospel message.
  2. Source – introduces participants to the Holy Spirit and the impact that the third person of the Trinity can make in the lives of faithful Catholics
  3. Growth – examines the fundamental practices which nurture Christian life such as prayer, sacraments, and fellowship
  4. Obedience – takes the call of being a faithful Catholic seriously. Challenging topics include the importance of Obedience and the Church, Speech, Chastity, Vocation, and Mission
  5. Commission – focuses on revealing our missionary identity as Catholics and its necessity in approaching our apostolate and personal growth in holiness.

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