Sacramental Records

PARISH GUIDE Sacramental Registers are legal documents produced by the Church that contain records of the sacraments instituted by Jesus and conferred in our parishes. They are also essential for tracking parishes, populations, and communities as well as the ethnicity of areas within a diocese. Because of the importance of these records, it is important […]

Records Management

Parish Records Disposal Schedule This Schedule is a tool that the Diocesan Archives can provide Parishes to help determine parochial records of long term value.  Endorsed by Archbishop Paul, the Parish Records Disposal Schedule outlines some of the main records that Parishes deal with, with accompanying retention decisions. These records provide evidence of Parish functions and activities, […]


The Privacy Act 2020 (PA 2020) came into force on 1 December 2020. This means every New Zealand organisation and those that deal with them are required to be compliant now.  The Privacy Act governs the collection, use, storage, access and disposal of personal information held by an organisation. The new law recognises the shift from a predominantly paper-based world to a digitised one, where sensitive information can be accessed and made public through the internet and social media in an instant, thus requiring […]